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"Only used the Luxury Hair Oil once so far and woke up this morning with my hair felt so soft and shiny after washing and I've not even brushed my hair yet. It already feels more silky and manageable ... I'm so excited to carry on using this amazing oil!" 



"Got so many compliments on my hair looking healthy and conditioned! I've been using it  twice a week for 4 weeks and my hair is much much thicker and definitely has grown longer. I had a wide parting which has noticeably filled out after using the oil .I am really pleased with the results and have ordered my next two bottles today." 


"Liquid gold. and magic in a bottle that's full of fab nutrients. I have less hair fall and frizz but best of all my split ends have all but gone! Would not hesitate to recommend it and will be ordering some for my Mum !"


"This hair oil has become my ritual before washing my hair. The massaging into the scalp has really helped reduce scalp flakiness and itchiness , my hair feels softer than it ever has and I can really feel the improvement in condition. The hair that I usually find on my brush is less and my hair has been growing for the first time in years. I love this product!"


"I've been using the Oils for a few weeks now and the hair loss I used to have has definitely reduced. I'm absolutely delighted with the results and my hairbrush is no longer a tool to dread as there's no huge clumps of hair in it anymore!"




"I love this beauty Elixir it has plumped my skin and I have had so many comments about the glowiness on my it really is a fabulous non greasy and effective oil. A little goes a long way so great value too.. I was paying double this for a popular brand but this is just amazing." 


"This Elixir has really hydrated my skin and reduced the red blotches on my's so soothing and light in texture. I can also see an improvement in the elasticity and appearance of my skin. I was using products costing 3 times the price and had little effect.

This is the one for me!"


"This Elixir is really hydrating and I have had no break outs since.  I've been using it and a few drops are all I need. I have dry skin and need to hydrate my skin well so I have used it on my body too after showering and noticed the difference.

Definitely would recommend it in a heartbeat!"


"I'm able to have make-up free days now... the beauty elixir has really evened out my skin tone and reduced the bumps I had below the skin. Honestly love this product, it is so light and absorbs quickly "


"Absolutely LOVE this ! I have oily skin so was really unsure about what it would do but it is so balancing and hydrating. I love the fact it's natural  vegan friendly and chemical free. "




"Great serum I purchased this a month ago and it really helpedmy lashes to grow and they are in such good condition . Used on my brows too and can really see visible thickness." 


"I used this product for two months on my brows and the difference is incredible... i cannot believe how amazing my eyebrows look now !"


"This is an absolutely brilliant serum and I’ve been a victim of over plucking my had gaps that are now filled for the first time in years. You only need a small amount and this little pot will last and last so such good value."


"I had another serum that cost me THREE times the price but was not effective. Infinitii have done it again and this serum is insane... the growth of my brows is fabulous and really noticeable to my friends. Best part is its natural so no chemicals near the eye area."




"A little goes a long way with this oil and I just use a few drops after washing in the morning . Most  bearded men I know complain of beard itch and mine was terrible- I suffer from eczema and since i starting using both the beard oil and hair oil by Infinitii those itchy patches have  got better.  the fact it has no additives and is vegan really mattered for me. I really love both products .


"My beard can’t live without it! The frizziness in my beard is improved and flaky skin has gone with the beard oil. It is so light and absorbs so well so it’s a favourite of mine now."

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