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Made using natural bamboo fibre, these hair wrap towels are incredibly soft and comfortable, the perfect size for drying hair and with a wooden button to keep them in place.

Ultra absorbent to reduce drying times and prolonged use of heat on the hair. The ultra soft fibres minimise friction on the hair and can reduce breakage. Absorbs excess product from the hair and perfect for wrapping the hair prior to drying . Perfect to maximise  nourishing benefits when using Infinitii Hair Oil.

Bamboo Fibre Hair Wrap

    • Reduce Hair Damage

    Unlike the traditional cotton towels we use to dry off our bodies, our bamboo fibre hair wrap is made with your delicate locks in mind. Hair is very fragile when wet and harsher fibres of some towels towels create friction resulting in damage when pulled across delicate wet hair. Choosing bamboo fibre can help you on that healthy hair journey.


    • Faster Drying

    Thanks to the material it’s made of,our bamboo hair wrap helps your hair finish drying in less time it would take with an ordinary towel. This means reduced heat will be needed and we all know how damaging heat is for the hair.. you may be able to even ditch the hair dryer !


    • Less Frizz and Defined Curls


    If you’re a curly or frizzy haired person you will know the benefits of plopping to retain moisture for defined curls . A bamboo wrap can help absorb excess product, so you don’t end up with hard, crunchy curls. It can reduce drying time too which is a godsend for those blessed with thick curls. Perfect for using with Infinitii Luxury Hair Oil.


    • Comfort

    A bamboo hair wrap will stay put on top of your head with the button to fix it in place and the soft bamboo texture is so lovely and comfortable. Put it on and forget about your towel falling off or flapping around !


    • Great for Conditioning

    When oiling your hair  pre shampoo, you know absorbing those rich nutrients is absolutely vital. Wrapping your hair in a bamboo hair towel is a fabulous way to keep the oils where they need to be and the warmth of the wrap will offer additional benefits and nourishment to the hair and scalp.

  • Wash at 40 degrees and dry as normal.

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