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Designed specifically for rejuvenating thinning hair and addressing scalp issues, Infinitii Scalp Massager gently exfoliates away dead skin, sebum, and buildup of product . Its super flexible bristles are made of soft silicone, to help stimulate the scalp, encourage blood flow and hair growth. Use regularly to minimise breakage. Perfect for use with shampoo when wet or using dry when applying Infinitii Luxury Hair Oil.

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Scalp Massager Brush

  • Use the massager wet or dry and use gentle back and forth motions to avoid tangling. Perfect for applying Infinitii Hair Oil to stimulate scalp health and hair growth.

    Massage for at least 3 minutes 

    Use for co washing and pre -poo applications

  • Made from soft silicone with ergonomic handle. 

    Uneven bristles for maximum benefit

    Suitable for wet or dry applications

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